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Hello Site-Surfer!
At this page we announce the configured mail-domains we provide for public use.
In 2024 this will be the following: and or

How to work with this!?
If you need a public, non secure and non private, email address for registration or something other, you can use any address name you want with a domain name above, e.g.: or
Now you can check your mail at the Site of Mailinator at Fill in your new created mail address at the box and press "GO!". When you fill in your address with the domain part, this script will automatically strip the domain name because your chosen address name will work with all Mailinator domains, e.g.: or and
Emails to all the "PlaBlub@" addresses, including all of the 100 Mailinator domains, will arrive in the same INBOX. If you like to have a more private email store, you should choose a more specially email name, e.g.:
With a small random part of character to the name, this email address should be an unique one.
One more thing: for more comfortable use of this address you are able to bookmark the link to your INBOX of your chosen email address for spam, registration, newsletters or other unimportant messages.

Why we provide a Mailinator sub-domain?
Not all the 100 of Mailinator domains are well known and many of this or the complete service is banned at some Sites of the internet. However we think Mailinator is a really great service and we like to use this, including at the Sites which banned the Mailinator service from their Site. So we decide, to use Mailinator with our domains and provide some names to the public. Now we hope you are able to use your Mailinator address at all Sites of the internet. If you are banned at a Site, please report the URL to us. Thanks. is operated and maintained by //Goetze.IT. Should there be any questions regarding or there are problems associated with the domain, do not wait to get in touch.,
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